• Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Morning tea - tea, coffee, biscuits and more!
  • Tinned Tuna, Mackerel & Sardines
  • Salmon
  • Shellfish & Crustaceans


Cocoa and sugar products with trusted certifications, or grown in countries with good labour laws, are reliably slave-free. In contrast, for many other food categories there are currently no reliable human rights certifications. This is a particular issue in the fishing industry, as the remote nature of much commercial fishing means fish products can be impacted by slavery even in jurisdictions with good labour laws.

We have done our own research to identify slave-free fish products. These notes provide a record so you can understand and critique our recommendations. We have more recently expanded this research to include other food products with a high risk of slavery in their supply chains, and hope to do more over time.

We intend to produce a shopping guide to go along with each of these research notes. For those where we have not yet done so, look for the summary pdf or recommendations section within each note.