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“the dominant things we buy that are likely to have been produced by slave labour are computers and mobile phones, clothing, fish, cocoa and sugar.”

People far away are enslaved to produce our food. We can stop that by only buying from companies that have rooted slavery out of their supply chains.


We are very confident the entire Sealord range is slave free. We have been very impressed by their commitment to human rights. Brunswick sardines are also slave free.

A lot of pet food contains fish. These and other products are discussed on the 'Fish' tab.

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Slave free cocoa products can easily be identified by the following logos:

Samoan grown cocoa is also slave free.

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Slave free sugar can be identified through the following logos:

Countdown own brand sugar has Bonsucro certification; Trade Aid sugar has WFTO certification; Chantal Organics sugar has Fairtrade certification.

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