Christmas is coming! Maybe you’re starting to think about buying gifts, or planning your Christmas meal. Perhaps you’ve heard, though, that many of the foods we eat here in New Zealand are produced with slave labour? Festive foods like chocolate, baked goods and desserts are all especially high risk, as are salmon and prawns. What to do? You want to buy some nice chocolate for your co-workers, but you’ve heard that 20% of the world’s cocoa is produced by children, mostly working to help keep their desperately poor families afloat. Or you were thinking baked salmon might be a nice summery option for Christmas lunch, but you’ve heard that salmon are often fed on fish caught by slaves. How can you have a festive celebration that doesn’t come at the expense of others?

Just Kai is here to help! We’re a group of Kiwis who research the supply chains of food and identify and promote slave-free options.  Why? If no one buys slave-produced goods, then that’s one less reason to enslave people in the first place. It’s one way we can all help to end Modern Slavery.  We’ve published guides to help you buy slave-free chocolate gifts and have a slave-free celebratory meal; we’ve published printable flyers you can share with your community as well.

Want quick summaries to pull out at the supermarket? Check out our ‌meal flyer and our ‌chocolate gifts flyer (PDFs).

Here’s a taster of what we’ve found:

So, there’s a bit of a taster!

If you want to know more, check out our detailed Christmas meal guide or our guide to chocolate gifts. They’ll tell you which sweets, crackers, dried fruit and nuts, ice cream and jelly crystals to go for, as well as which hot chocolate, chocolate stocking stuffers and even toiletries make good slave-free gifts.

We also have a summary pdf for each guide (meal, chocolate) that you can take with you as you shop.