About Us

Food produced with slave labour is hidden in plain sight in every supermarket in New Zealand. Just Kai exists to change that. We're a group of Kiwis trying to encourage other Kiwis to buy food they're confident wasn't produced by slaves. Why? Because slavery is only possible if there are buyers for slave-produced goods. If slave-holders couldn't sell their products, the whole economic model would collapse and millions of people will be set free.

At Just Kai we research supply chains to find and promote slave free choices. Our focus is the three foods where slavery is most common, which are fish, cocoa and sugar. We produce buying guides on cocoa/chocolate, sugar and various sectors of the fish industry. Subscribe to our blog or Facebook page for updates and to receive seasonal guides such as our annual Easter chocolate guide.

Our founder, Heather, is available to speak at churches, community organisations and events, particularly in the Auckland region.

Our Team

Heather Roberts
Founder & Lead Researcher
Christine Shue
Writer & Information Designer
Barbara Bulkeley
Research Assistant
Martin Roberts

The work of Just Kai is also made possible by Anna Seccombe, Sarah Woodfield, Heather Woods and Rachael Tearle, who help out at events and check labeling of products in the wild.

Annual Reports


Since starting Just Kai we’ve had the opportunity to share at a bunch of events, including The Justice Conference, Fairfield conference, Devonport Ethical Christmas Market, and church services.