At Just Kai we research supply chains to find and promote slave free choices.

We're a group of Kiwis trying to encourage other Kiwis to buy food they're confident wasn't produced by slaves. Why? If no one buys slave-produced goods, then that's one less reason to enslave people in the first place. It's one way we can all help to end Modern Slavery.

Our focus is the three foods where slavery is most common, which are fish, cocoa and sugar. We produce buying guides on food with a high risk of slavery in its supply chain, particularly fish, cocoa/chocolate and sugar. Subscribe to our blog or Facebook page for updates and to receive seasonal guides such as our annual Easter chocolate guide.

Our founder, Heather, is available to speak at churches, community organisations and events, particularly in the Auckland region.

Our Team

profile photo of Heather

Heather Roberts


Heather is the main researcher for Just Kai and also speaks at events and runs our Facebook and Twitter pages. She started Just Kai after learning about the terrible abuses some people suffer to produce our food: she felt called to be part of the solution. Outside of Just Kai she enjoys baking, handcrafts, cycling and swimming.

profile photo of Christine

Christine Shue


Christine works with Heather to turn the detailed research notes into quick summary guides. She started helping with Just Kai to learn about ethical business operations and how companies can address human rights risks. Outside of Just Kai (and her day job as an analyst), Christine enjoys reading, playing guitar, occasionally cooking, and hanging with family and friends.

profile photo of Grace

Grace Ntreh


Grace has been passionate about slavery ever since childhood when she first discovered the work of William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect. Grace discovered Just Kai whilst she was volunteering at Tearfund's Justice Conference in 2022. Eager to get involved, she contacted Heather, and within a couple of months she’d joined the team. Outside of Just Kai, you'll find Grace tiki touring around the world, visiting family and friends.

profile photo of Barbara

Barbara Bulkeley


Barbara has begun to help Heather with the research side of things, checking company information and websites. She spent several years in central Africa, has visited many countries in Asia and having seen the conditions in which so many people live, believes that our food should not come to us at the expense of others’ freedom. In her spare time she enjoys singing, reading, being with grandchildren and walking.

profile photo of Heather

Martin Roberts


Martin maintains the Just Kai website as well as providing moral support to Heather, his wife. He grew up in S.E. Asia and sees Just Kai as part of helping the kids he grew up around have better opportunities in life. He works as a software engineer, is heavily involved in his local church and loves riding his bike for transport.

The work of Just Kai is also made possible by Anna Seccombe, Sarah Woodfield, Heather Woods, and Grant Taylor who help out at events and check labeling of products in the wild.



Since starting Just Kai we’ve had the opportunity to share at a bunch of events, including The Justice Conference, Fairfield conference, Devonport Ethical Christmas Market, and church services.