Since our last cocoa list update, we’ve found so many new cocoa products with good child-labour-free certifications! It’s so encouraging to see.

Not familiar with child labour in the cocoa industry and why it’s such a big issue? Check out our cocoa guide to learn more. Otherwise read on to learn what we’ve found. The full cocoa list is available both online and as a downloadable PDF.

So, what have we found?

Chocolates and sweets

Box of Guylian seashell chocolates, Trade Aid mint and orange sticks, bag of Waikato Valley choc-coated coffee beans

Note that the Trade Aid ones use slave-free sugar as well as child-labour free cocoa. Trade Aid also recently released a new flavour of chocolate block: lemon crunch (in 40% milk chocolate).

Mars bars

fun size bag of 12 mini mars bars and a 47g mars bar

The classic mars bars are now made with Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa (both in the regular 47g size and in sharepacks). None of the other chocolate bars made by Mars seem to be using Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa yet, but a recent limited edition mars bar did and hopefully more will follow.

Sugar free options

sugar free
  • Guylian have released two 100g choc blocks made with stevia and Fairtrade cocoa: one milk and one dark dark.
  • Noshu has released two new ‘indulgence bars’ made with Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa: double choc brownie and choc mint. Note that none of their other indulgence bars are made with RA cocoa, and nor are any of their other chocolate products - just these two. Also, thus far we’ve also only found these at speciality shops; however, their other indulgence bars are stocked at many supermarkets so hopefully these will be soon also.

Koko Samoa (products using Samoan cocoa)

koko samoa nov 2023

Samoan cocoa is all made without child labour, so doesn’t need a certification to show that it’s slave free.

  • Bennettos new Pistachios in Dark block is made with Samoan cocoa - look for it in your supermarket.
  • Samāori sells online and from their coffee carts. Whilst they mostly sell coffee, they also have cacao husk tea, hot chocolate, cacao nibs and whole cocoa beans, all made from Samoan cocoa. The cacao husk tea is particularly good!
  • Under the Bird is Koko Loa products made with Samoan cocoa. The range includes hot chocolate, cocoa powder and chocolate blocks.


thickshake bars and the warehouse
  • Nice and Natural thickshake bars with Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa are in most supermarkets - they look like a fun lunchbox option!
  • The Warehouse’s own brand “Market Kitchen” dark choc chips and cocoa powder are both also made with Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa.
  • also at The Warehouse is the Belgian chocolate blocks gift set. This is fully Fairtrade certified, so both the sugar and the cocoa in these is slave-free :-)