Easter is almost here! Maybe you’re getting started with buying Easter eggs and bunnies. Perhaps you’ve heard, though, that 20% of the world’s cocoa is produced by children - you want yummy chocolate treats, but that’s not something you want to support! What to do?

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Fortunately, you can look for these logos on Easter chocolates: they tell you someone’s been checking no kids were working on the cocoa farm. They also mean that the parents have earned a bit more, so they’re less likely to need to put their kids to work just to keep the family afloat. We’ve put together a list of all the things we’ve found that have one of those certifications, and have summarised that in a pdf flyer that you can take with you when you shop.

The list is quite long: here’s a taster of what you’ll find!

  • Looking for boxed eggs for the kids? Try The Warehouse: they have a good range from Waikato Valley.
  • Want something luxurious? Remarkable’s eggs and bunnies are in Farro and Countdown. There are also special Easter blocks from Tonys Chocolonely and the Wellington Chocolate Factory (available online), or Hamlet’s Easter pralines (at Countdown and Fresh Choice).
  • Looking for bunnies? We’ve seen Kinder bunnies and Kitkat, Smarties and After 8 bunnies pretty much everywhere; or try the Nice kits (at The Warehouse) to assemble or decorate your own bunny.
  • Need something vegan or allergy-friendly? You’ll find the NOMO boxed eggs and bunnies at The Warehouse and most supermarkets.
  • Looking for eggs for an Easter egg hunt? The Smarties and Milky Bar boxes of 8 are at most supermarkets.
  • Wanting to fill a bowl with mini eggs to share with visitors? Ferrero has share bags in a range of flavours, or check out the Kit kat mixed bags.
  • After marshmallow eggs? Sadly, no one makes those with child-labour-free cocoa yet, but we have a recipe so you can make your own and a guide for making them with a group :-)
  • Looking for something a bit less conventional? What about an Easter-themed music box filled with chocolates from PakNSave or an Easter mug cake kit from Kmart?

If you’d like to see more options, check out our full list (also available as a summary pdf to take with you as you shop) - there’s a lot more to see there!

Here’s photos of all the products mentioned above :-)

waikato valley regular boxed easter 2023
waikato valley kids sampler
remarkable eggs 2022
remarkable bunnies
tc easter block 2023
wcf easter 2023
hamlet caramel minis
kinder bunnies
smarties bunny
after 8 bunny
nice bunny decorating kit
nice 3d dinosaur and bunny kits
nomo boxed eggs 2023
nomo bunny
nestle egg hunt boxes
ferrero mini bags
ferrero golden eggs
kitkat easter share bag minis
windel musical eggs
windel easter music box
kmart easter mug cake