We’re just starting to put together our list of slave-free and child-labour-free Easter chocolate. Can you help? As you go about your regular shopping, whenever you come across Easter chocolate, could you please check and see if any products have any of the logos below? If they do, could you please let us know? Please email heather AT justkai DOT org DOT nz or message us on Facebook with the following information:

  1. what the product was (e.g. Kit Kat mini Easter eggs, 60g bag);
  2. what logo you saw on it (e.g. Rainforest Alliance);
  3. how much it cost
  4. where you saw it (e.g. The Warehouse)

If possible, please also include a photo (and no need to send all the other information in words if it’s already in the photo).

And if you saw something but forgot to note all those details, please still let us know what you remember!

We’ll have a draft Easter egg guide up here, which we’ll be updating from time to time as we come across more products. If you have the time to check through to see if the thing you’ve found is already there that would be great, but no worries if you don’t.

Thanks so much!

The logos we’re looking for are:

both rainforest alliance logos

Rainforest Alliance. It has two versions, please let us know if you see anything using either version.

![](../../images/utz cocoa plan.jpg)

UTZ. It’s usually the maroon colour you see here, but sometimes it’s done in black or white instead. On some Nestle products they don’t have the logo at all but just have a statement on the right where they say they ‘work with UTZ’ - that’s fine, too.


Fairtrade. The one with stronger colours (which is usually rectangular but occasionally circular) means that all relevant ingredients are Fairtrade. The more washed-out one (which may or may not have include the words ‘Fairtrade cocoa program’) means only the cocoa is Fairtrade. If you see a Fairtrade product, I’d appreciate knowing which version they were using. Note also that, like the UTZ logo, sometimes the Fairtrade logo is done in black and white rather than colour.

wfto logo

WFTO. We haven’t yet seen any Easter products using this logo (the only chocolate commonly sold here that uses it is Trade Aid), but we’d love to hear about any you come from.

Koko Samoa

Samoan cocoa. Not a logo, but if you see an Easter product that’s labelled as being made with Samoan cocoa, please also let us know - that will also be slave-free.