Kia Ora! In this time of lockdown, we can’t go from shop to shop looking for exactly what we want: we need to do all our shopping at the one supermarket. To help with your Easter egg shopping, I’ve put together a list of which child-labour-free Easter eggs are available at each of the main supermarket brands. For more information, check out Just Kai’s Easter guide.


Countdown is stocking the following:

Fresh Choice

New World

New World has removed almost all the Easter products from their website, including everything with a child-labour-free certification. Presumably the products they were previously selling are still available instore (just not online), but I haven’t been able to check as my nearest supermarket isn’t a New World. Assuming that is the case, your options there are:

  • Ferrero mini eggs, which come in either cocoa or hazelnut flavours, around $6 for 10 mini eggs;
  • Ferrero Easter squirrel, around $5;
  • Smarties, Rolo or Milky Bar hollow eggs (the first two are around $8, the Milky Bar one around $5);
  • Kit Kat Easter bunnies, around $1;
  • Riegelein brand bunnies, which range from $2.50-$4.50 for most products but includes a metal tin with bunnies in it for around $25;
  • the Chocolatier range, which includes various eggs and bunnies ranging from $11-$15.

There are images of all the above on the Just Kai 2020 Easter list.


The PakNSave website hasn’t listed any Easter eggs this year; when we stopped into a PakNSave a few weeks ago there didn’t seem to be displays of Easter eggs. We are puzzled but are assuming they aren’t marking Easter this year.